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Its only the 2nd day of Feb and I'm already falling apart physically =_= I'm so gosh dang tired and stressed out its not even funny, I'm getting oooooldddd.

So I'm gonna take a couple of days off from arting (time likely to be spent just going to work/sleeping/gaming) so I can get sane again. I'll be around but a bit harder to reach between the 6 - 9 Feb for CNY.

I may or may not answer dA messages depending on the urgency, but I will be reading them.

Birbstuff is still on schedule (in fact, most of it are actually just waiting colouring) so don't worry if I owe you stuff; you'll still get it by my promised dates (or maybe earlier? I dunno, my speed varies)

Commissions are still open so just note me if you see anything that you might want me to get done for you and I'll get back to you soonish.

*some prices lowered*
Commissions open! (new pricing)Because my car decided to be a massive jerk and have its clutch box jam, I now have a massive car repair bill looming on the horizon which is gonna total near a thousand ringgit x_x  (came back from the mech, it was 1.2k after tax x_x my life bloooood).
As such I'm opening emergency commissions, as much as I know the workload is gonna kill me XD
Do take note before you commission me: I have a very hectic day job and at very best I can output one complicated piece a WEEK at fastest, AP sheets notwithstanding. I will include and discuss potential completion dates. Not counting Chinese New Year week because I will be too busy with relatives to do any art.
I can do most things except:
Guro, 18SX, ecchi, racist/offensive crap
What I can do: Anthro, humans (to an extent) MLP ponies, random critters/animals

Here's the breakdown:
(single character) Bust
Lineart $5
Colour + $5
Shading + $2
BG + $5

I also have slots and a birb for sale if you're into stryx stuff. I will make more slots available at a later date cause I need a kick of AP for two of my newer birbs.

The Outpost Sales Thread(1 geno/slots)Welcome to the Outpost! Here you will find the liveliest, nay maybe cutest little bundles of fluff looking for new owners! The thread will update from time to time when I have genos available.
I had a bum clutch so the babies are going on sale x_x
Currently this is what we have to offer:
Very short lineage! The parents are a starter and a semi custom!
1) Female - Common Tyto
Nocturnal - Healthy
Flecked Soil

 to Hyena-Bones
2) Female - Common Tyto
Crepuscular - Healthy
Flecked Soil with Eclipse
Asking price: $15 (will consider a mix of moneys and AP. No points pls)
I could use a small bump of AP for some of my other birds


Not giving a damn since 1998!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
:iconashfell-eyrie: <-- click here for Stryx hell

Is a slightly senile artist who seems to be capable of doing a lot of stuff but isn't good at a single one! :D

Said senile artist is also rather impulsive, so pardon 'er madness.

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No problem! *infinite Hi-5s!
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Thank you for the llama. Have a nice week.
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Novprobs, thanks for all the faves!
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One is by checking the llama badge trades (people exchange points for them) or buy them directly from dA via the points page.

Third would be people giving them to you via commissions or whatever donations :P 

Hope that helps! (not saying I want you to give me points now that I've given you point-ers on how to get them LOL)
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(XD) btw, i may or may not know how to accer=pt the llama badge trade..... DERP!
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Oh, just go over here:

If there are point trades you will see them at the bottom of the page ;) 
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